I think its wrong for a parent to try to teach their children a lesson… depending on what it is.

When your child has done something wrong, we first punish them and then many times we want to teach them a lesson. Whatever those actions may be, we have a need to let them know what their consequences might or will be if this were to happen again. My child left a very important paper at home, called me and asked me to get and bring to them. I did it without hesitation. Why make life harder for them? Perhaps if I teach them a lesson and not take them the paper, my actions can then cause an unwanted cascade effect. Not my fault their grades suffer, etc. etc.  and we may be talking about a child with homework in two homes, but which home? We think our lessons will make them remember the  next time and then they won’t forget something (anything?). What happens is we role play this out in order to protect them but this may never happen again, if it does happen again they learn their own lesson and then know the consequences. I think we hope to save them from those consequence. We create scenarios that are in the future, what we think they might face. If it’s illegal troubles those are different life lessons. Careful how you teach your children and do your lessons make life more difficult for your children?

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