Daddy’s Tip: Listening to your partner

This is a Daddy’s Tip. Guys whether you’re married or single with a girlfriend this tip will save you countless hours of communication problems. When you first get home from work and your spouse or girl friend has greeted you, drop everything, settle in and allow them to vent about their day. You may usually need to give them 30 minutes but be a good listener and don’t try to solve any problems for them because there probably isn’t a problem in the first place. Just listen, if you can take it all in and can get by on 30 minutes a day, it will do wonders for your relationship. She may not need 30 minutes but you better listen and be attentive, if you can do this, it goes along way for you both emotionally and helps you learn how to just be a better listener for your partner and might become a better listener as a parent too.

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