How Fast They Grow

My child is in middle school, soon to be in high school. They’re now too cool for daddy. Daddy is silly, not cool, a little bit irrelevant? They’re becoming young men and young women and it happens so fast. You just turn the page and the little kid is gone. I think they learn a lot about the world in middle school, what’s cool, what’s not cool. They look forward to the school dance and hanging with their friends. I used to save the school year’s work in a box and label each, I think 7th grade was hardly any and 8th grade almost no school work. I think they may be tossing the stuff before daddy gets to see. No matter how much I’m not involved, they’re still my babies and always will be. I’m an over protective dad and won’t apologize for it. I try to tell them ” I didn’t raise you that way” but don’t remember if I taught them┬áthat or not? I still love being a parent at my age. My friend asked me if I wanted to die alone and I said No but we kind of do anyways. I don’t want to be selfish for my happiness until my child is on their way, on their own in life. How fair would it be for me to tell a potential date that you might not be the number one person in my life. That isn’t fair to her but if I had a son or daughter, they have to be number one in my life.

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