Happy Mommy’s Day & Thoughts From a Daddy.

First off I must say Happy Mother’s Day Mommy to the most wonderful mother in the whole world. It seems the posts are becoming fewer as my child gets older. Usually a friend spends the night or they spend the night with a friend. I don’t see them as much as usual. They don’t tell me as much as they used to. New words for different meanings. Daddy isn’t as cool as he used to be unless he can figure out a favorite song on the guitar so my child can sing it. Would I be selfish for dating part time? Doesn’t seem like I’ve been able to throw myself back into the dating scene. Doesn’t seem fair that my child is # 1 in my life and a date would have to be # 2. Most people don’t look at love and life the same way. I think people can be selfish and what makes them feel better is all that matters. Yes I would like to be with someone, just not comfortable dating, introducing and explaining to my child why I don’t see that person anymore. Ugh. There is a time frame for courting and now at this point in my life, I see ladies who are out discovering the world traveling or doing outdoor activities or doing things I wouldn’t want to do. They all hike, maybe I’d like to if I tried more. They all have dogs and I’m becoming a person who doesn’t care for many of the dog owner, the dog is fine. Maybe I’m wrestling with self esteem issues, not in the best shape of my life and I get older and older. Again UGH. Had to share, please take care. I love you mom.

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