My How Time Passes

Seems like I’ve been away too long. Weekend Traveling Basketball games, work and parenting. Parenting, it is so rewarding to me.  My child wrote me a wonderful note thanking me for their Christmas. To give gifts and receive gifts from a child is usually a one way street but now as a 6th grader my child is seeing everything around them and is in tune with their world and in touch with their feelings as well as becoming such a wonderful person. This age doesn’t like talking about the time when daddy won’t be there anymore, so we stay on happier subjects or as I’ve said in the past, we as a human in Western Civilization don’t know how to talk about death with family members and it be okay during and after. So we say let’s talk about something happier, because the alternative we say is sad. I think in writing a blog I learn more about myself. Trying to become a better parent for my child, doing something with them when they ask you to. I’m trying to become a better co-parent, we’re in a place where my ex and I can sit together at our child’s basketball game and she can introduce me to an old friend of hers who had come to our wedding. My ex said it was 13 years ago and I said to be honest it was 14 years, 6 months, 21 days, 16 hours, 48 minutes, 19 seconds… she elbowed me and we all laughed.. That’s what co-parenting should be all about.

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