Daydreaming about that next life but in a good way.

When that time does come and we get to redo, I want to be 6’1″ or 6′ 2″, 180 lbs. not losing my hair, no dandruff. I’ll keep the blondish brown color but drop the cowlick and I’ll keep my blue eyes and my smile. Shed my fair skin that is sensitive and gets sunburned but I suppose the sun won’t burn me. I won’t have to wear sunglasses any more or change contacts because we can’t comprehend what my vision will really be, so looking forward to being able to see at night. I will never have to brush my beautiful straight teeth with no fillings, which sit behind that smile I kept. I will never have bad breath and I will never ever have to go to the Dentist again. I won’t have to take Tums for heartburn, Aspirin for a headache, get a routine physical, have my Colon checked or file my taxes. I’m going to take a sledge hammer to the toilet. I won’t have to put on socks, use Q-tips, put gas in the car, hit the snooze button or make coffee, although I can have a cup if I want to. I guess we won’t have a body or maybe we will? I think I’ll explore the bottom of the Ocean because I will be a better swimmer and won’t have to hold my breath, I will swim with Sharks, I may even look at the inside’s of a Blue Whale. I think I’ll be a good flyer, I’ve practiced so many times in my dreams that I will soar with the best of them. I’ll probably be pretty famous like everyone and have my picture up everywhere with everyone’s pictures and I will have the best autograph collection in the World. I’ll get to walk on the Moon, take a trip down the electrical current to your computer and maybe tomorrow I’ll be a letter that gets mailed and finally I’ll get to see the inside workings of Fort Knox. Think about all the things we’re going to get to do. Phones ringing back to work….

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  1. VIVIDsister says:

    All of that and more!! Love this one!!!

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