What we can’t live without

Our power had gone out and I said to my child “what are we going to do”? I was told “dad, long ago families didn’t have power, didn’t have cell phones, didn’t have TV and computer and they had to do things together as a family”. My child is so wise, growing up so quickly. It’s different times from when I was younger, we had no cell phones, no computers, we knew we had to be home by dark or dinner. Tuesday’s have been no electronics night, there has been discussion whether lights should be included but during this time you really find out who your family members are, what their needs are and what’s really important to each of them. Get to know your children.

Change of subject: thinking back to how life was when I was younger, I can remember players on my favorite sport teams from when I was 8 years old but can barely remember last year’s teams. Vivid memories, smells that could put me in that exact spot, a song on the radio. Triggers that bring back those experiences. I think I’ll go golfing.

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  1. Cristina Foushee says:

    Sooo glad I didn’t have to worry about all these interruptions when my Son was young. We only watched a half hour of TV each, every evening too… I don’t know how I would handle cell phones and games now, but I’m guessing phones would go off once he was in the door 😉 Although I will admit he became a History TV junky during high school and well now… he has a BA in History and in Anthropology…

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