Bucket lists and ends of these days, can we discuss?

We don’t like to discuss death in our culture. We’re raised to learn to mourn yet we are all born to die. I wish we were raised to celebrate and count the days when we would see our loved ones again. We fear death. Is it okay to openly discuss the end of our day which in my opinion is only a begining. We mourn more out of selfishness, we don’t have anymore what we used to have. My hope is we raise a nation looking at natural death around us as a positive for our lives and not a negative.  See Dia De Los Muertos.  How do we prepare ourselves? Learn all you can along your journey but you may not be prepared when that time comes. Does my friend come to greet me? This question means I’m thinking on an Earthly plane. We can’t imagine what a Heavenly plane would be like? Perhaps all we knew before, all we know now, will be there like a light ray on our cheek and you will just know. You won’t need to feel rejoicing, it will just be. Your pain, suffering and loss will be gone. Your wants and needs will have been satisfied. Can we talk about this stuff while we’re living and also not ponder why we’re discussing? Does someone have to have a terminal illness or disease, or must they be contemplating suicide for reasons to discuss, I say no and no because this is how we are raised to think in these terms. I won’t discount there is a populace facing a terminal illness who openly discuss these topics but we who are not yet facing our end (which may be tomorrow) don’t like to talk about it. Is a bucket list really a list to the end? Shouldn’t we be saying hey, what are you going to do before you die? My fear is that leading to our death, mirrors my savior and I suffer like he, meaning there is no peaceful death yet I also believe by my faith, it will all be okay. When the time does come and I am called, I may be broken and that’s okay but I hope I’m at peace. Wow, many things still to do.
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