He is my Savior

I’m writing a song, it would be my third worship song and I need to still fine tune the others. He is, He is, He is my Savior is the one for me. (chorus) My child doesn’t usually like to hear me sing and play, this was the same with their mother too. Perhaps it is embarrassing and even more so if they don’t think it’s very good. I went through my marriage with my guitar in the case and it shoved under the bed, she never asked me to get it out and play for her. After my divorce the guitar came out and is now sitting on a guitar stand for all to see. Before the divorce, I was sitting in my lawyer’s office and she said “won’t you be glad to get all your stuff out of boxes and back on shelves”? It’s almost like getting a piece of your life back. How much do we sacrifice going from independent person to marriage? Why did I not see such a simple thing that was so very important to my life, music and realizing she and I didn’t share those same passions. God, Love, Art, Music will be priorities or qualities I would seek out in a future mate.

My child and I share our church together. I’ve just joined our communication team at ‘Branches Church’. My child is growing up so fast, I now make it a point to consider their feelings more than I did in the past. When we have an arguement or disagreement and things get heated, I always try to give a hug. They are forming opinions about their parents, how their home life is. I could see a huge jump in maturity from the 3rd grade to 4th grade. At 10 they are realizing they aren’t babies anymore. They are growing up and will have to start thinking about their future and what they want to do or who they want to be. My child got straight A’s from 9 different subject classes. I am such a proud father.

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  1. Bridget says:

    I can so relate to feeling like my life is packed up in boxes waiting to be pulled out and placed back on shelves. Living with my father’n law has squeezed the life right out of me and I’m eager to have some space to spread my wings again!

  2. Debbie Lynn says:

    There is give and take in all relationships. Compromises must be mutual or resentment is the ultimate the fall-out. But..Sacrifice?

    To renounce what you love for the love of another is an odd thing. (To me) Love doesn’t or wouldn’t require giving up a part of your Soul for someone else’s Ego. Nor would anyone who truly loves you ask you do give up any part of you. Love enhances the things we adore (Art, Music, Dance etc.. ) they can’t be removed from our essence. Those qualities and talents are our personal “god” particles deeply embedded inside. Love accepts, not expects. Period.

    If you are going to surrender to anything it might be the things/places/people that light a fire with-in, because when you light up – you touch everyone; to share this with our loved ones especially our Children, is part of our Human experience(s) – One to one, heart to heart.

    Perhaps, if you were stifled, it is only that you allowed yourself to be…? Love can blind us and bind us, if we let it. A Lesson well learned to pass on to that beautiful Child that the more encouragement given to what makes the heart sing, the more likely they will bloom and give encouragement to others..

    Welcome back to living!! I have heard your music – It is magic.

    Hugs abound my Dear Friend

  3. admin says:

    You are such a breath of wisdom, like a blown kiss on a cheek.

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