Random thoughts on how hard it is to make a relationship work.

We are all individuals with our own lives, it is next to impossible to unite in a common partnership, friendship, to really become a team and establish goals together. The respect and trust that must come with it. The idea is so awesome but it’s little things that work between couples, like being okay with going away alone with friends for a weekend, having a do not disturb sign that can be hung from a door outside a common room. When is it okay to be alone or to be by ourselves when we’re together as a couple? Can you draw a line between what is too much or not enough team? We’re selfish from birth, we’re told to share our toys, although if we all had our own way, we wouldn’t share.  When we’re mad, oh we can blame it on something or someone else but no one else makes us mad, we make ourselves mad. It’s how we handle a situation, it’s how we cope. Being single I could laugh and say I’ve failed at every relationship I’ve ever been in but I don’t look at it that way, they were not failures just parts of the path I’m still on.

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  1. Herlene says:

    I too was a single parent for about 5 years, and before that some of my marriage years were unhappy ones until I decided that I was important too and being a couple does not mean an appendage to another person. I realized that its OK to make myself happy and if you want to be alone for awhile, its OK too. Just remember that the other person has feelings and though you may not understand them, its still OK to let them have their opinions. Remember to smile and not blow off their feelings, and never get mad at someone else’s thoughts and ideas. Its OK to be different.

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