Both parents don’t always agree

That statement is the basis for all we are as parents. In this discussion, both parents don’t always agree on the benefits of swim lessons during school hours.You know, I was thinking about the swim lessons and school and learning. So this is from a different angle. Where is the best place to learn anything? If they were learning about swimming, the strokes, the pool, the social interaction, changing in a locker room in front of other kids but learning about this stuff in the classroom, majority of parents wouldn’t have a problem
with it but because it moves out side the classroom, we view this as being counter productive. I look at it this way, learning is learning, whether it’s in the class room, on a field trip, on a road trip. These kids are learning about life, gaining different experiences, experiences you and I have both had. Yes I can take the stance that some other kid is not my problem but the village raises our kids not just the parents. I do not know what the curriculum in the classroom is and would probably would be floored at what I would find out. I may not like the way our teachers spend that time during the day but I can’t judge since I’m not there all I know is I want a well rounded child. Perhaps having a different voice instructing them, is a good thing. I think for Grant Watts kids, they’re still young kids and play mixed with school when there is instruction involved, should be a good thing.

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  1. Gayle says:

    Really enjoyed this …..having raised 3 children – your candor and honest feelings are refreshing to read – hope you continue posting for yourself and others! The best to you ( props on returning to school!) and your children….

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