School Sports

My ex wife and I sit together at our child’s school sports games. I would say this is a crowning achievement in co-parenting. My child had a banner day on Saturday, direct words from the Taekwondo teacher. We’re watching the basketball game first and my child is one of the shortest players from way down the bench, who rarely touches the ball, somehow always assumes they’re wide open and then from out of the blue this one time (which might be the start of something) my basketball star has just stolen the ball and is racing down court towards us in the stands and has the biggest smile on a face, you’ve ever seen. We were laughing at the same time, it was so much fun and our child made the bucket and was the happiest basketball player in the world. Later that day we have our very first Taekwondo Tournament and my little White belt Martial Artist got a 3rd place ribbon for the Chon-Ji Form. There were over 30 kids in that white belt category, so quite an achievement.  Oh and not to brag but my child just figured out on their own, how to play the entire Star Spangled Banner, on the piano. I was the proud Daddy today!

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