A new daddy on his way

I have a story here about a good friend of mine who is going to try this parenting thing all over again. Usually when I talk to my friends or acquaintances, most of them talk about their children and how they are almost out of the house and can’t wait until they go. Many are off to college or getting married but isn’t this more of a parenting issue, wanting them to be gone? Perhaps it is more of a product of the child of today?  I have a unique perspective because my close knit circle of friends are all hitting our 50’s and we’re all very young parents. This is 2010 and I have a second grader, Mike has a second and fifth grader. Guy and Kevin have 3 year olds and now for a new chapter, the story of my buddy Gene.

Gene has a daughter in college. He started parenting long before any of us. He has a better perspective on knowing about having your child grow up and leave home and now… Gene is going to have a another child, wow, maybe 20 years later? Way to go! We’re different daddies now, better equipped to raise them and teach them about life. I think this new age of children will be smarter, more respectful to others and we want to be a part of that. At our age we can throw aside our selfish wants and needs and focus on the little ones and for some of us – that may only be when we have that visitation. While we may lose that time together because of age and many think it isn’t fair to the young ones, I say go for it. There is a lot of kids out there who have never had parents. Gene’s gone to classes, I’ll bet he’s actually looking forward to changing diapers. While many who hear the story would say “I wouldn’t want to change diapers at my age”. Yea and you were probably down at the gym playing hoops with your buddies when you should’ve been at home parenting.

It’s not to say either age group is better equipped to be a parent but Gene is now able to try parenting skills he wouldn’t have dreamed about trying with his first child. I’m so happy for him and I think getting to be involved in that upbringing, sending them off to school and watching them grow up as we grow old is a fabulous way to spend our later years in life. We are creating a new generation. Bravo!

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