We’re going to Disney Land

My child always says “dad, you and I have never been on a plane together”. I wasn’t planning on going on a plane any time soon but next thing you know, we’re taking a trip. I guess I should give all the props to my wonderful Aunt, who has made all this happen. My Aunt calls me and says she has this “Time Share” in Anaheim and that I could go to Disney Land. She wanted me to plan a trip and take my child on a vacation? Ugh.. I’m not much of a traveler and times are tough, so spending on a trip of this magnitude, might run me a little dough$$. However the Time Share was free for us (so cool). WorldMark by Wyndham is a 14 story Condo with a large pool. Next we had to work on airfare and right now nothing is cheap. I think one airline, we’ll call econ o – line was $591 including tax, I shopped this.

This is where the co-parenting comes in and not burning bridges with your ex. She said she had a companion ticket with this particular airline, the rate for me wasn’t too bad either. She came over and was on my computer, adding the information from her account, me listed as one passenger my child the other. When it came time to pay, we put in my credit card number but the website wouldn’t take my credit card to pay for her companion ticket. Now she can buy the tickets but then I have to pay her cash and was hoping to prolong the inevitable of forking out so much. The airline said the credit card used to purchase the companion ticket must be used or a credit card issued to my ex. She’s a pretty smart cookie. She said to call my bank and have her added as an authorized user to this credit card. She said when the new card for her comes, cut it up and throw it away. So I wait a couple days and try the entire process again. I go on-line and pretend I’m the ex – she gave me her account and password to get into her frequent flier account (which I could then go on-line and look at her personal info… but I would never do that) I entered the info for the tickets then all of the sudden the airline was doing a web special, it saved me another $80+ I got the companion ticket too and entered my credit card number hit send and it all went through, paid for by a credit card issued to my ex. Unbelievable! I guess it’s now admiration from afar. Total round trip airfare for me and my child tax included $350. Thanks Sherry.

Now my friend and their child will meet us at Disney Land and by using their California resident discount, the two of us can get a 3-day Hopper pass, each – Total $258. So I’m now in this trip for $600. Food and Souvenirs will push that total up but I would say not bad with good planning, in a bad economy.

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