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I think its wrong for a parent to try to teach their children a lesson… depending on what it is.

When your child has done something wrong, we first punish them and then many times we want to teach them a lesson. Whatever those actions may be, we have a need to let them know what their consequences might or … Continue reading

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Daddy’s Tip: Listening to your partner

This is a Daddy’s Tip. Guys whether you’re married or single with a girlfriend this tip will save you countless hours of communication problems. When you first get home from work and your spouse or girl friend has greeted you, … Continue reading

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Time Flys

I want to tell you about my child and the young adult they are becoming but then I would have to tell if he’s a boy or she’s a girl and I’ve always stayed away from identifying but my child … Continue reading

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High school

Yes my child has started High school. Their growth and maturity has become so evident. Not as many funny and goofy things to report when they get closer to adulthood and my has this happened quickly but no less adorable … Continue reading

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Happy Daddy’s Day

Happy Daddy’s Day, Father’s Day to me, my daddy and all the daddy’s in the World. Dad I love you very much. May God bless you all.

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Happy Mommy’s Day

You are the real heroes, all mommy’s. A shout out to my wonderful mommy, mom, mother, I love you so much. As you’ve gotten older, the only importance in your life is trying to keep your family together in a world … Continue reading

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Teenagers and it all changes

Was I not strict enough when my child was younger? Have I created a child aloof, who doesn’t care about the things that bother me? Dad doesn’t like seeing dishes with food piled on top of food still in a dish, … Continue reading

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How Fast They Grow

My child is in middle school, soon to be in high school. They’re now too cool for daddy. Daddy is silly, not cool, a little bit irrelevant? They’re becoming young men and young women and it happens so fast. You … Continue reading

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Working together with your ex to make better homes for your children

My ex and I have been divorced for 9 years, I still joke with people that I’m happily divorced. I hear so many stories of exes who hate each other. My ex and I aren’t like that, we’ve worked together … Continue reading

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As They Grow Up.

Bed time has become a bonding time in our family. Whenever my child is ready for bed, they come into my room and we sit and watch an episode of Gilligan’s Island. They sing the theme song, they can’t believe … Continue reading

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